Attracting talents and talents

Dean of Business School

Salary 10-15K

1. Develop annual training plans and implement them based on the company's development strategy and business plans for each stage;
2. According to the annual training plan, develop various channels such as online and offline promotion plans for training courses, and supervise the implementation and feedback;
3. Responsible for building the company's multimedia teaching platform and building a comprehensive training system;

Bid Specialist

Salary 4-5K

1. Participate in bid interpretation and bidding related work
2. Create bidding documents, proofread bidding documents, upload files, and print bidding documents
3. Management of bidding documents and qualification certificates

Quality Inspector

Salary 4-5K

1. Responsible for conducting regular and irregular inspections and sampling of various processes, production processes, packaging materials, etc. in strict accordance with production process requirements, and generating inspection reports
2. Responsible for organizing and supervising relevant departments to make changes to non-conforming items during quality inspections, and providing feedback on the rectification results
3. Responsible for regularly summarizing and analyzing product quality issues, and submitting annual quality analysis reports

Warehouse Keeper

Salary 4-5K

1. Responsible for managing the inbound and outbound of raw materials, packaging materials, finished products, etc. in various workshops of the company, ensuring the accuracy of material outbound;
2. Regularly inventory the inventory of materials in stock to ensure clear accounts and accurate inventory;
3. Regularly report scrapped and obsolete products, and track and handle them according to the handling suggestions;

Information engineer

Salary 6-10K

1. Have experience in implementing projects such as ERP, WMS, and OA
2. Responsible for the implementation and process optimization of Kingdee and ERP systems within the company
3. Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the ERP system, accepting service requests from various departments, actively following up and resolving system issues, and ensuring the stable operation of the system.

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