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health food

Health products

There are 64 registered health foods, which can enhance immunity, improve bone mineral density, delay aging, improve sleep, clear throat and throat, improve chloasma, nutritional supplements, relieve visual fatigue, improve memory, regulate blood lipids, regulate blood sugar, antioxidant, protect liver function, relieve physical fatigue, etc

Functional Foodimg

Functional Food

Basic nutrition series, diet replacement series, antioxidant series, vision protection, anti fatigue series, middle-aged and elderly series



Creams, diet replacement series, anti alcohol and liver protection series, anti fatigue series, and immunity enhancement series

Special dietimg

Special diet

Pregnant women and lactating mothers, infants, children, sports nutrition

Guoyin seriesimg

Guoyin series

Fruit wine series, fruit drinks series, leisure snacks

Seafood and othersimg

Seafood and others

Canned, leisure fish, high-end gift box

Cell preparationimg

Cell preparation

Cell preparation

Cell storage refers to the use of advanced cell storage and rewarming techniques to freeze young and healthy cells in -196C liquid nitrogen, allowing them to temporarily enter a "dormant" state without damaging cell activity.

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Product dosage form


Weihai Ziguang Intelligent Soft Capsule Workshop, standard workshop with 100000 level purification, national GMP certification/US FDA certification, 12 automated soft capsule production lines, various specifications and shapes

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One stop service of supply chain

One-stop service of supply chain

Ziguang Youjian provides you with one-stop service of the supply chain.