smart factory

smart factory Intelligent factory

Weihai Ziguang intelligent industrial park has three production workshops, solid preparation production workshop, intelligent soft capsule production workshop and intelligent beverage production workshop, and 40 intelligent production lines are planned. In August this year, the first phase of the intelligent industrial park was completed, and 14 production lines have been put into operation. At the same time, more than 500 sets of world-class production equipment, such as Bosch capsule filling machine in Germany, technopar tablet pressing machine in Canada and Buhler rapid mixer in Switzerland, were purchased with an investment of 80million yuan. The original backward manual operation equipment was eliminated, marking that Weihai Ziguang has fully entered the era of intelligent production.

  • Powder production workshop

  • Tablet and hard capsule production w

  • Soft capsule production workshop

  • Water agent production workshop