quality control



  • Global market insight

    Global market insight

    Share cutting-edge trend information, position consumer groups and their needs, and help you formulate brand growth strategies according to national economic policies.

  • product development

    product development

    Relying on our strong R&D ability, we can customize the most suitable product solutions for you.

  • Personalized customization

    Personalized customization

    Eight series of dosage forms are available, supplemented by a variety of innovative packaging for your choice.

  • Standardized production

    Standardized production

    Strictly follow the requirements of GMP good production management practices, and carry out comprehensive quality control of the whole supply chain.

  • Supply chain solutions

    Supply chain solutions

    Build a strong bridge between customers and upstream suppliers, continuously improve efficiency, optimize costs, and let you worry free.

  • Regulatory insight and consultation

    Regulatory insight and consultation

    We will provide you with professional services and support in the whole process and become your effective partner. This content cannot be displayed outside the flybook document for the time being


r&d team

r&d team


Development and innovation of nutrition and health food in the past 26 years


Quality comes from professional R&D. there are more than 100 professional R&D teams, including pharmacists, nutritionists, process engineers, chemical analysts, etc. doctors and masters account for more than 80% and have professional and technical qualifications.

Keep close cooperation with many scientific research institutions to develop cutting-edge nutritional and health foods and products in line with the national development strategy

R&D strength

  • 8

    Perfect technology of 8 dosage forms

  • 1000+

    More than 1000 recipe databases, including process, standard and stability data

  • 656

    656 product document numbers

  • 3000+

    More than 3000 raw material databases enable accurate and rapid product development

R&D strength

Ziguang Youjian will provide you with the documentation support required for product registration or filing according to the requirements of each customer. Including the registration of domestic health care products and imported health care products.


Product testing

Equipped with advanced gas phase, liquid phase, heavy metal and other testing equipment

  • CNAs laboratory accredited testing c

    CNAs laboratory accredited testing c

  • 1000+㎡ Testing Center

    1000+㎡ Testing Center

  • 1200+detection standard

    1200+detection standard

  • 100+detection method

    100+detection method

Equipped with advanced gas-phase, liquid-phase, heavy metal and other testing equipment, it can carry out a number of professional tests such as physical and chemical testing, microbial inspection and determination of effective components, and can carry out rapid and accurate analysis of raw materials and products in time to ensure the safety, reliability and stability of product quality.


Product production

  • Three intelligent workshops

    Three intelligent workshops

    Intelligent solid preparation production workshop, intelligent soft capsule production workshop, intelligent beverage production workshop

  • More than 40 fully automatic product

    More than 40 fully automatic product

    Take digital intelligence transformation as the engine to complete the upgrading iteration of automation, digitization and intelligence

  • More than 500 sets of advanced produ

    More than 500 sets of advanced produ

    The elimination of the original backward manual operation equipment marks that Weihai Ziguang has fully entered the era of intelligent production.

  • 13200 square meters of intelligent w

    13200 square meters of intelligent w

    Using WMS system, automatic sorting, code scanning tally, distribution automation, improve efficiency, reduce error rate, and save cost


quality control

The whole staff is user-centered, and the product quality, product efficacy and after-sales service reach 100% satisfaction of users.

We have a mature GMP and quality management system to ensure that our products are 100% in line with quality standards, from raw material procurement, the entire supply chain to the end market,

Every link is strictly controlled, with zero tolerance and zero defects.


productive services

productive servicesimg

Customer oriented

Our service and delivery are highly rated by more than 90% of our customers, and our customer satisfaction is well known in the industry.

Provide you with excellent product p

We have excellent packaging solutions and complete equipment to achieve the packaging form you want.