R&D Center

R&D Center

The R&D center of Weihai Ziguang science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. In 2008, the Shandong Provincial nutrition food deep processing engineering technology research center was approved by the Shandong Provincial Department of science and technology. In 2010, it was recognized as a provincial enterprise technology center by the Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology. In 2020, it was awarded the Weihai figs breeding and deep processing technology innovation center, In 2021, it was awarded the post doctoral innovation practice base of Shandong Province and the research center of the public service platform for the research and development of marine nutritional food, and in 2022, it was awarded the Key Laboratory of Ficus carica processing and Weihai Industrial Design Center.


Undertake 8 national and provincial-level scientific research and innovation projects


58 independent research and development projects


State Food and Drug Administration

Nearly 64 registered health foods have been approved


3 invention patents authorized


More than 70 doctoral and master's research and development personnel

|| Expert consultant

expert consultant

  • Liguangsheng


    Head of the health food filing system group of Weihai Ziguang group scientific r...

  • Wangwenfeng


    Wangwenfeng, the head of the R&D center, has a master's degree. Since he eng...

  • Wang anyong

    Wang anyong

    Head of liquor group of Weihai Ziguang group, bachelor, major in bioengineering ...

  • Duyongqiang


    Head of the process management group of Weihai Ziguang group scientific research...

  • Lixuexia


    Head of functional food group of Weihai Ziguang group scientific research center...

  • Chensi


    Head of pregnancy, infant and child group of Weihai Ziguang group scientific res...

  • Zhanglinlin


    Director of Weihai Ziguang group scientific research center, head of sports nutr...

  • Congqian


    Head of the registered health food group of Weihai Ziguang group scientific rese...

  • Zhangchongxi


    Professor and doctoral supervisor of Shandong University. He is a member of the ...

  • Fanqingsheng


    He is a scientific research expert of health food declaration, a professor and m...

  • Sunlei


    Ficus carica breeding expert, President of Ficus carica branch of China economic...



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smart factory Intelligent factory

Weihai Ziguang intelligent industrial park has three production workshops, solid preparation production workshop, intelligent soft capsule production workshop and intelligent beverage production workshop, and 40 intelligent production lines are planned. In August this year, the first phase of the intelligent industrial park was completed, and 14 production lines have been put into operation. At the same time, more than 500 sets of world-class production equipment, such as Bosch capsule filling machine in Germany, technopar tablet pressing machine in Canada and Buhler rapid mixer in Switzerland, were purchased with an investment of 80million yuan. The original backward manual operation equipment was eliminated, marking that Weihai Ziguang has fully entered the era of intelligent production.

  • Powder production workshop

  • Tablet and hard capsule production w

  • Soft capsule production workshop

  • Water agent production workshop

Product quality objectives

  • 1. Compliance: ensure that the produ
  • 2. Efficacy: ensure customers' satis
  • 3. Price: precise price positioning,
  • 4. Positioning: subdivide the crowd
  • 5. Differentiation: seek breakthroug
  • 6. Dosage form: ensure the convenien
  • 7. Appearance: ensure consumers' con
  • 8. Experience: continuous improvemen
Quality objectives
quality standard

quality standard

  • tolerate

    product quality

  • tolerate

    product quality

User satisfaction criteria:

  • 100 %

    customer satisfaction

  • The whole staff is user-centered, and the product quality, product efficacy and after-sales service reach 100% satisfaction of users.

|| Intelligent warehousing

Intelligent warehousing

Intelligent warehousingimg